ANSI B16.5 Blind Flange

ANSI B16.5 Blind Flange is a standard that provides dimensions for various types of flanges used in piping systems. Here are some key points about it:

  1. Purpose: The blind flange is used to close the end of a pipe or vessel. It does not have an opening and is typically used for maintenance or inspection purposes.
  2. Size Range: The dimensions specified by ANSI B16.5 cover flanges ranging from 1/2 inch to 24 inches in nominal pipe size.
  3. Pressure Classes: The standard includes flanges in pressure classes ranging from 150 to 2500.
  4. Materials: Materials: Only flanges and flanged fittings constructed of cast or forged metal are covered by ANSI B16.5.
  5. Types of Flanges: ANSI B16.5 covers various types of flanges, including weld neckslip-onsocket weldthreadedlap joint, and blind flanges.
  6. Blind Flange Dimensions: The technical drawing and dimensions for Class 150 blind flanges (NPS 1/2 to NPS 24) are specified by the standard
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Quick Details

Place of Origin:Bharat (India)
Brand Name:Emirerri
Model Number:ANSI B 16.5 BLIND FLANGE
Standard:ANSI B 16.5 BLIND CLASS150# 300# 600# 900# FLANGE
Product name:BLIND Flange
Packing:Plywood cases\wooden Pallets
Certificate:ISO, CE, PED, BV, KS
Usage:Joining Pipe Lines


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