SABS 1123 Plate Type 3 Flange

Place of Origin:Bharat (India)
Brand Name:Emirerri
Model Number:SABA1123
Standard:SABA1123 PLATE TYPE3 600KBA 1000KBA 1600KBA 2500KBA 4000KBA FLANGE
Product name:PLATE Flange
Pressure:600KBA 1000KBA 1600KBA 2500KBA 4000KBA
Packing:Plywood cases\wooden Pallets
Certificate:ISO, CE, PED, BV, KS
Usage:Joining Pipe Lines
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Product Description

The SABS 1123 Plate Type 3 Flange is a component specified by the British Standard SABS 1123. Although considered obsolete, it still finds use in light-duty applications involving economic stainless steel flanges.

SABA1123 Plate Type 3 Flange: Explore unparalleled durability and precision engineering with our SABA1123 Plate Type 3 Flange. Crafted to exacting standards, this flange offers robust performance and seamless integration for industrial piping systems. Trust in its superior quality and resilience to meet your project requirements with confidence.




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